The Direction of Travel

Over the past 100 years, motoring has transformed people’s lives by giving them the freedom to travel – relatively cheaply and in comfort – to wherever they want, whenever they want. Yet motoring has also impacted on our lives in many other ways that are less obvious and much more complex. Its influence extends far beyond vehicle users themselves, affecting entire populations, as well as whole ecosystems and even the future of Planet Earth.

To look at these issues, Cotswold Motoring Museum has developed a series of displays about the impact of motoring, exploring the various ways in which motoring has affected the environment, influenced us as users of vehicles, and stimulated the development of technology. Questions that the displays address include:

  • How much has car usage grown over recent decades?
  • How has the growth in motoring affected air pollution?
  • Have we passed the point of peak oil production?
  • How much oil do we consume today?
  • How can I reduce my own environmental impact?
  • How has engine technology developed and and how is it likely to evolve?
  • What trends have arisen from car ownership?
  • What sort of responsibilities come with motoring?

For more detailed information on this and our History of Motoring in 10 Objects exhibition, download our new free eBook. As well as looking at the impact that motoring has had on our planet, this fascinating book also considers the decisions that we as individuals can take to reduce that impact, with suggestions as to how the current century of motoring may unfold. Download the five sections of the book below...

Delve deeper into these hot topics by downloading the .pdf here...

The Direction of Travel - Introduction and Aim

The Direction of Travel - Part 1 - Environmental

The Direction of Travel - Part 2 - Social

The Direction of Travel - Part 3 - Technological

The Direction of Travel -The Future and Conclusions

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