Memorabilia Collection

The Motoring Museum is packed to the rafters with Memorabilia from years gone. Every corner is filled with an array of Motoring related items to Vintage Art Deco.
As you explore the museum keep your eyes open for some surprises.

The Motoring Museum has showcases crammed to the brim of practical items like spark plugs, brake fluid tins and carbide pots to name just a few.

Plus free gifts from companies like Esso and BP: who in their time have given out everything from pen-knifes, cocktail sticks, childrens games, smoking kits and sets of cards to advertise themselves. When you are surrounded by all these objects you can experience a real sense of the excitement held for motoring in times gone by.

Vintage Collection

Alongside the museum's motoring showcase there is a large collection of crested collectables, vintage clothing, cameras, picnic sets and crockery sets including our 1920's art deco racing car tea-pots.

This eclectic collection also includes: the glass petrol globes lighting up their petrol manufactures logo, hand operated pumps, brightly coloured two-gallon petrol cans, a canoe, gramophones, televisions, model aeroplanes and many bicycles from tandems to circus bikes hanging above your head.

A great family day out for all the family in the Cotswolds! A family of four (2 x adults and 2 x children) can visit the museum for just £18.75

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