Toy Collection

The passion for travel is no better expressed than in this wonderful toy collection. From old favourites from years gone past to more modern items, you will be transported back to your childhood again with this great display of toys and games.

The Cotswold Motoring Museum has a huge selection of pedal cars, bicycles and aeroplanes to see. There is even a pedal-snail.

Some of the toys have been made lovingly at home by parents, whilst others are one-offs by manufacturers with intrinsic detail based on the real car, but at a 1/3 of the size.

Often though its the Austin pedal car or the spring based rocking horse which are named by many visitors as the ones that they had in their back garden as children.

Although a large part of the Motoring Museum's toys are arranged together, toys are also dotted around the rest of the museum. We have a showcase full of toy boats, several model aeroplanes, jigsaws, board games galore and many boy's and girl's annuals.

We hope you enjoy browsing a selection of some of the toys we have available in the museum. The toy collection is often one of the most fun places for kids of all ages (including the grown ups!).

Model kits and smaller toys

On a smaller scale the Motor Museum has everything from meccano built into windmills, cars and cranes, scalectrix, push-along wooden and metal vehicles to penny tin toys that are so popular with collectors and adults now. From a time when it was safe to play anywhere there is a collection of several outdoor games including sledges, skates, skittle-set, a strange swimming appliance and you may even see the odd ski around.

What is really important about many of our toys are that they are not perfect and boxed. Many of the toys have a remnant of their past owners and those who loved them, often shown by a scratch, a bump or the seats being a little bit worn where they have had many bottoms sat on them. In our opinion this doesn’t devalue them in any way but adds something special as it was what they were built for; to be taken home and played with by a happy child.

Situated within the Motoring Museum toy collection, our collectors room is a real collectors haven. Based on a collector we knew and filled with many of his model car donations to the Museum, the room is almost full of every dinky model and magazine imaginable.

If you're a fan of model kits, you can see many of the wooden, plastic and metal kits that have been on sale through the last fifty years built and painted expertly. Remember to be quiet though, the room looks as if our collector could pop back for his hat & coat at any second…

A great family day out for all the family in the Cotswolds! A family of four (2 x adults and 2 x children) can visit the museum for just £18.75

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