A History of Motoring in 10 Objects

Which 10 objects were chosen to illustrate the history of motoring?

The History of Motoring in 10 Objects exhibition was inspired by the 2010 British Museum Exhibition and Radio Four programme describing the history of the world in 100 objects. We sifted through the many thousands of motor-related objects in the museum to create our own list of nine items for our own exhibition.

We then asked visitors to select the 10th item to complete the selection. More than 1000 people took part, with satellite navigation winning by a clear margin.

For more detailed information on this and our Impact (of Motoring) on the World Today exhibition, download our new free eBook. As well as looking at the impact that motoring has had on our planet, this fascinating book also considers the decisions that we as individuals can take to reduce that impact, with suggestions as to how the current century of motoring may unfold. Download the five sections of the book below...

Delve deeper into these hot topics by downloading the five sections here...

The Impact of Motoring - Preface and Aim

The Impact of Motoring - Part 1 - Environmental

The Impact of Motoring - Part 2 - Social

The Impact of Motoring - Part 3 - Technological

The Impact of Motoring -The Future and Epilogue

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