Motorbike Collection

As part of our vehicle collection we also have several motorcycles and scooters some of the more famous among the collection is the Levis owned by Harold Breach. Motorcycle football was once very popular in Gloucestershire and often attracted crowds of over 10,000 supporters. Our Levis belonged to Harold a well known player for Gloucester. A new exhibition about motorcycle football is planned for our new gallery.

Another bike to have a look at on our database is the Brough Superior, regarded as a super bike capable of high speeds, nicknamed by many 'the widow maker' because of the large number of fatalities, most notably Laurence of Arabia was killed on his Brough Superior.

1 Indian V Twin C1920 Mill Gallery
2 Sunbeam 1939 Mill Gallery
3 BSA 3½ C1915 Jack Lakes Garage
4 Brough Superior 1936 Mill Gallery
5 MZ TS 250/1 1970s Paved Paradise
6 Puch Maxi 1970s Paved Paradise
7 Corgi Motorised Scooter 1950 Mill Gallery
8 Raleigh Wisp Motorised Bicycle 1970s Paved Paradise
9 Levis 1934 Jack Lakes Garage
10 Royal Enfield 1945 Jack Lakes Garage
11 ABC Motorised Scooter 1919 Motor House
12 P&M Panther 1924 1924 Jack Lakes Garage
13 Calthorpe 1928 Jack Lakes Garage
14 BSA Aerial Swivel 1970s Paved Paradise
15 Motorbecane CM 1970s Paved Paradise
16 Suzuki GT 185 1970s Paved Paradise
17 James 98cc Moped 1950s Mill Gallery
18 Rod Model Vespa Scooter 1953 Paved Paradise
19 Vespa Scooter 42L2 1960s Paved Paradise
20 Swallow 1949 Paved Paradise
21 Lambretta LD 1960s

Paved Paradise